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Eurydice – wife of Orpheus dies from the bite of a viper, Orpheus mad with love tries to bring her back from the realm of the dead but the desire to see her again causes his intent to fail. the leaves, birds, cactus bring us back to the bucolic quiet that lulls us in the green.

The nymphs, myth, love and nature that come together in thoughts: so let yourself be enchanted by the suggestions of our cottages and enter to explore the interiors.


Availability and prices of our cottages may change accordingly to the season and how long you will stay. Call or get on touch with us to get full information.


New environments are awaiting you

Our lodges outside differ in shape of the roof, position and dimension of the windows. In order to maximise the life space the inside distribution follows the same project but still keeping different decor and color.

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Entirely handmade cottage, created on site by skilled artisan hands. The structure can accommodate up to 3 guests in total between adults and children (from 6 years of age onwards).


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Our country lodge

Our Cottage are fully handicraft, built on place by a skilled artisan hands: we studied the position accordingly to the natural air flow and to the windows sun exposure, privileging the view on the trees and on the sea. The common spaces and the private ones are conceived to grant either privacy either social relations to our guests.

Discover all comfort suitable on our holiday house

  • wi-fi signal doubler
  • safe
  • save water taps
  • hot water speed switch
  • electric system activation key
  • air condition
  • automatic stop system with open windows
  • black out curtains
  • full equipped kitchen
  • bathroom courtesy set
  • smoke alarm and fire extinguisher
  • kitchen fireproof blanket
  • first aid kit