Your holiday
in Zante

The Resort

Thalassa Green is located in the north of Zakynthos, set in a quiet, fenced olive grove estate, accessed by a private road. The neighboring properties are mostly kept with olive trees, giving the whole environment a pleasant feeling of open space and continuity.


A stone’s throw from the beach and the fishermen’s bay

Agios Nikolaos Volimes is a small fishing port facing an islet and overlooking a beautiful bay with a nearby beach. Here you will find lovely taverns to enjoy delicious Greek and island cuisine, both seafood and land dishes, and board the ferries to visit another famous Greek island, Kefalonia.

Agios Nikolaos village is less than 1 km away from the resort, and so is the beach, while the distance from Zante town and the airport is about 30 km.

Your eco-friendly break

Designed for the lowest possible footprint

We chose to use wood as a building material from a renewable source, together with other materials to give our accommodations a welcoming and open-space feeling. The cottages rest on foundations, but still maintain the character of mobile homes and the possibility to accommodate wheels, so that one day they can be moved and the olive grove can return to its original state.

Green, not only by name

The area of Zakynthos where Thalassa Green is located is absolutely beautiful, very green and unspoilt.

Our whole project is based on re-use and recycling, saving the natural resources of the island: starting with the collection of rainwater and the installation of solar panels for hot water, up to the reuse of grey waters for irrigation, thanks to a three-chamber enzyme purifier, which allows us to put the water back into circulation. Without forgetting that our idea of a green holiday also involves collaboration with eco partners that are committed to keeping beaches and woodland clean.

The difference is in the details

In Thalassa Green even the light bulbs are energy saving, and the windows are double glazed. Along the same line, with a bit of imagination, we try to discourage the use of plastic, for example by using water bottles to supply our guests with drinking water.

our lodges

Our lodges differ from one another in terms of location and furnishings. The views are also different, ensuring your gaze can enjoy the natural surroundings as much as possible