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Zante, Zakynthos, pearl of the East: all different names for this awe inspiring Greek island, nestled in the Ionian Sea. A destination for travelers who choose it for their beach holidays, and make it their summer dream. A destination for dreamers, who loose themselves in the echoes of the ancient glories of the Venice, and the poetry of Omero and Foscolo.

Let the sound of the sea lull you and let your mind wander freely, satisfied by the scents of the Mediterranean scrub.

Wander in the greenery of our olive grove and discover a new glimpse of nature at every turn.

At Thalassa Green we dedicate ourselves, body and soul, to an eco-friendly, slow way of life that escape the stress of modern life. Fretting around is not for us: we long to see you just sitting under an olive tree enjoying a good book, or as you get back from a nice trek, eager to tell us what you have discovered.

We imagine you happy and serene during meditation, maybe after a lovely day you spent sailing or just enjoying one of Zante’s fantastic beaches. We are like this: eager travelers ourselves, after a lot of wandering, we decided to settle on these sun kissed shores and share with you the wonders of our Zakynthos Island.

The green of the trees, the red of the earth, the birds and the sound of the waves; it’s a 360 degrees holistic immersion in beauty and harmony, to reconnect with our deepest self, experience the present, and regenerate to a modern Venus of Botticelli.

Being a part of the whole, ethically respecting the resources of the island and letting the benevolent and maternal nature of the island of Zakynthos soothe our gaze once again.

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